Today, i downloaded and installed Windows 8 on my Custom-built Windows 7 PC. And it was AMAZING!,


Today, I download and installed the new Windows 8 on my custom-built Windows 7 PC. And it was AMAZING!, although it’s more Tablet-Friendly.



Today, the 25th of February is the independence day of Kuwait.
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A week ago, I replaced my iPhone 4 with an HTC Sensation.


The picture above is the HTC Sensation with HTC Sense 3.0 UI with Android 2.3.3 upgradable to Android 2.3.4 , it has a 4.3 Super LCD qHD (540 x 960) Display, a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM an 8 mega-pixels camera (records 1080p video) and 1GB of storage.

Its screen is certainly not as bright as the Samsung Galaxy S2 but it is ALOT sharper.

It is very fast and responsive, didn’t run into any problems so far, Android is so much better than iOS, I would recommend this device to anyone willing to dive into the Android world as it is very easy to use and very simple.

Wow .. 4 months have passed since I last Blogged!!


Minecraft’s huge update, Adventure update was leaked yesterday, according to Notch!, the update’s original release date was Sep – 8, but was delayed to Sep – 20 for an unknown reason.

Sadly .. I couldn’t find a full version of it .. But I found this !
Watch video!

Full lyrics :
الشعب الكويتي لك البشرى / فمجدك يا وطني ازدهرا وطالع سعدك مبتسم / بعهد حزت به الفخرا بعهد المفدى أحمد من / سما أصلا وعلا قدرا سليل المجد فأجمعنا / نزف لسدته الشكرا لنبذل جهد مساعينا / لاحياء سؤدد ماضينا كذلك الله يؤيدنا / بروح ومنه يهدينا شباب الكويت ألا فأنهضوا / فنحن بعصر المدنية بعصر فيه الشعوب رقت / فهبوا واحيوا القومية ولتسمى الكويت بأحمدها / شهم ونبراس الوطنية وليحيا أحمد وأسرته / ولتحيا الأمة العربية .

Lyrics + More info from Kuna